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Adam works as a professional Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. A project has been assigned to him to investigate a multimedia enabled mobile phone, which is suspected to be used in a cyber crime. Adam uses a tool, with the help of which he can recover deleted text messages, photos, and call logs of the mobile phone. Which of the following tools is Adam using?

  • A. FTK Imager
  • B. FAU
  • C. Device Seizure
  • D. Galleta

Answer: C


Which of the following tools allow you to perform HTTP tunneling?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. BackStealth
  • B. HTTPort
  • C. Tunneled
  • D. Nikto

Answer: ABC


When you conduct the XMAS scanning using Nmap, you find that most of the ports scanned do not give a response. What can be the state of these ports?

  • A. Closed
  • B. Open
  • C. Filtered

Answer: B


You have received a file named in your email as an attachment. When you
execute this file in your laptop, you get the following message:
When you open the file in Notepad, you get the following string:
What step will you take as a countermeasure against this attack?

  • A. Immediately shut down your lapto
  • B. Do nothin
  • C. Traverse to all of your drives, search files, and delete the
  • D. Clean up your laptop with antiviru

Answer: B


What is the most likely cause of the responses on lines 10 and 11 of the output below?
GPEN dumps exhibit

  • A. The device at hop 10 silently drops UDP packets with a high destination por
  • B. The device at hop 10 is down and not forwarding any requests at al
  • C. The host running the tracer utility lost its network connection during the scan
  • D. The devices at hops 10 and II did not return an "ICMP TTL Exceeded in Transit" messag

Answer: D


Adam works as a professional Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. He works with the local police. A project has been assigned to him to investigate an iPod, which was seized from a student of the high school. It is suspected that the explicit child pornography contents are stored in the iPod. Adam wants to investigate the iPod extensively. Which of the following operating systems will Adam use to carry out his investigations in more extensive and elaborate manner?

  • A. Windows XP
  • B. Mac OS
  • C. MINIX 3
  • D. Linux

Answer: B


Anonymizers are the services that help make a user's own Web surfing anonymous. An anonymizer removes all the identifying information from a user's computer while the user surfs the Internet. It ensures the privacy of the user in this manner. After the user anonymizes a Web access with an anonymizer prefix, every subsequent link selected is also automatically accessed anonymously. Which of the following are limitations of anonymizers?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Java applications
  • B. Secure protocols
  • C. ActiveX controls
  • D. JavaScript
  • E. Plugins

Answer: ABCDE


How does OWASP ZAP function when used for performing web application assessments?

  • A. It is a non-transparent proxy that sits between your web browser and the targetapplicatio
  • B. It is a transparent policy proxy that sits between Java servers and |SP web page
  • C. It is a non-transparent proxy that passively sniffs network traffic for HTTPvulnerabilitie
  • D. It is a transparent proxy that sits between a target application and the backenddatabas

Answer: D


You work as a Penetration Tester for the Infosec Inc. Your company takes the projects of
security auditing. Recently, your company has assigned you a project to test the security of the we-aresecure. com Web site. For this, you want to perform the idle scan so that you can get the ports open in the server. You are using Hping tool to perform the idle scan by using a zombie computer. While scanning, you notice that every IPID is being incremented on every query, regardless whether the ports are open or close. Sometimes, IPID is being incremented by more than one value. What may be the reason?

  • A. The zombie computer is not connected to the Web serve
  • B. The zombie computer is the system interacting with some other system besides your comp ute
  • C. Hping does not perform idle scannin
  • D. The firewall is blocking the scanning proces

Answer: B


What problem occurs when executing the following command from within a netcat raw shell? sudo cat /etc/shadow

  • A. Sudo does not work at all from a shell
  • B. Sudo works fine if the user and command are both in the /etc/sudoers file
  • C. The display blanks after typing the sudo command
  • D. You will not be able to type the password at the password prompt

Answer: A


Which of the following describes the direction of the challenges issued when establishing a wireless (IEEE 802.11) connection?

  • A. One-way, the client challenges the access point
  • B. One-way, the access point challenges the client
  • C. No challenges occur (or wireless connection
  • D. Two-way, both the client and the access point challenge each other

Answer: D


John works as a Penetration Tester in a security service providing firm named you-are-secure Inc.
Recently, John's company has got a project to test the security of a promotional Website and assigned the pen-testing work to John. When John is performing penetration testing, he inserts the following script in the search box at the company home page:
<script>alert('Hi, John')</script>
After pressing the search button, a pop-up box appears on his screen with the text - "Hi, John."
Which of the following attacks can be performed on the Web site tested by john while considering the above scenario?

  • A. XSS attack
  • B. Replay attack
  • C. Buffer overflow attack
  • D. CSRF attack

Answer: A


Which of the following attacks allows an attacker to recover the key in an RC4 encrypted stream from a large number of messages in that stream?

  • A. SYN flood attack
  • B. Rainbow attack
  • C. Zero Day attack
  • D. FMS attack

Answer: D


What does APNIC stand for?

  • A. Asia-Pacific Network Information Center
  • B. American-Pacific Network Information Center
  • C. American Private Network Information Center
  • D. Asian Private Network Information Center

Answer: A


You work as an IT Technician for uCertify Inc. You have to take security measures for the wireless network of the company. You want to prevent other computers from accessing the company's wireless network. On the basis of the hardware address, which of the following will you use as the best possible method to accomplish the task?

  • A. MAC Filtering
  • B. SSID
  • C. RAS
  • D. WEP

Answer: A


Which of the following attacks can be overcome by applying cryptography?

  • A. Buffer overflow
  • B. Web ripping
  • C. DoS
  • D. Sniffing

Answer: D


You work as a Penetration Tester for the Infosec Inc. Your company takes the projects of security auditing. Recently, your company has assigned you a project to test the security of the we-aresecure. com network. Now, when you have finished your penetration testing, you find that the weare- server is highly vulnerable to SNMP enumeration. You advise the we-are-secure Inc. to turn off SNMP; however, this is not possible as the company is using various SNMP services on its remote nodes. What other step can you suggest to remove SNMP vulnerability?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  • A. Change the default community string name
  • B. Install antiviru
  • C. Close port TCP 53.
  • D. Upgrade SNMP Version 1 with the latest versio

Answer: AD


Which of the following is a method of gathering user names from a Linux system?

  • A. Displaying the owner information of system-specific binaries
  • B. Reviewing the contents of the system log files
  • C. Gathering listening services from the xinetd configuration files
  • D. Extracting text strings from the system password file

Answer: C



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