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Dreamscape Flowers (DF) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (RPM) to help improve its current channel sales performance.
In what two ways can Salesforce PRM help DF accelerate channel sales? Choose 2 answers

  • A. By automating partner entitlement assignment in Channel sales teams
  • B. BY automating partner tiering in Channel sales hierarchy
  • C. By automating partner lead routing
  • D. By automating quoting with Salesforce CPQ

Answer: CD

A consultant is setting up an experience for a client in a new org. The client insists on using standard profiles for external users.
Which step is required in order to use standard profiles in an experience?

  • A. Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration, user creation, and logging’’ must be enabled.
  • B. Create a permission set with ‘’ Allow standard external profiles’ check assign to all external users.
  • C. Ensure the standard profile have Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration, user creation, and login’ set to True.
  • D. Customer Community Plus Login Experience license need to be used.

Answer: A

To which three objects can the Partner Super User access be applied? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Opportunities
  • B. Accounts
  • C. Cases
  • D. Custom Objects
  • E. Campaigns

Answer: ACD

By defining roles, permission sets, or profiles, Knowledge article visibility can be controlled by using which functionality?

  • A. Data Category Visibility
  • B. Content Management
  • C. Automatic Topic Assignment
  • D. Org-Wide Defaults

Answer: A

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to render a header and footer from an external content management system into its customer portal.
Which feature should UMS use to accomplish this?

  • A. Developer Console
  • B. Compact Header Properties
  • C. Rich Content Editor
  • D. CMS Connect

Answer: D

Universal Containers has recently launched a site for its retailers. Retailers able to collaborates with other retailers around topic; however, retail managers aren’t’ able to see records owned by their peers and subordinates.
What should be done to resolve the issue?

  • A. Retail managers need to be given super User access.
  • B. Retail managers needs to be put in the execute role in the Role Hierarchy
  • C. A Sharing Set needs to be created.
  • D. A sharing Rule needs to be created.

Answer: A

The system administrator at Get Cloudy Consulting is trying to import Customer Portal users to the newly created Experience Cloud. However, the import failed.
What could be two reasons for this failure? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The portal role record has not been created.
  • B. The portal profile record has not been created.
  • C. User records are missin
  • D. Penal & Pep ore
  • E. Contact records have not been created.

Answer: AD

Get Cloud Consultant (GCC) is implementing a Salesforce- based solution for a global coffee brand. The coffee company works with agrp research and coffee growers from around the work. These researcher will submit their recommendation in the system which will go through an approval process before reaching coffee growers who will ultimately use those recommendation during cultivation.
The Design team estimates the need for at least 20 custom objects given that the coffee company plans to use Salesforce to also manage incentives. Compensations, distribution, and projections.
Which user license Should GCC recommend for the researchers?

  • A. Customer Community
  • B. External Apps
  • C. Partner Community Plus
  • D. Customer Community Plus

Answer: B

Which three considerations should be made when using Criteria-Based Audiences? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Components in the template header and footer sections cannot be assigned to an audience.
  • B. Salesforce must be contacted if you need to use the domain criteria in sandbox or Developer Edition orgs.
  • C. Up to 2,000 audiences can be created.
  • D. Domain criteria are not available in sandbox or Developer Edition orgs.
  • E. Record Type criteria cannot be assigned to a component.

Answer: ADE

Which three fields are required creating Experience Cloud users using Data Loader? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Profile Id
  • B. First Name
  • C. Role Id
  • D. Profile Name
  • E. Currency

Answer: ABC

Universal Containers (UC) is building a new self-service site for its large global customer base. Customers will be posting questions, viewing Knowledge articles, downloading warranties, opening tickets, and registering their recent purchases. Purchases are stored in a custom object. UC has decided to use Customer Service template for the experience and Customer Community Plus license for the customers.
Which limitation could cause a potential issue for UC?

  • A. Customer Service template does not allow downloading documents out-of-the-box.
  • B. Customer Service template does not allow record pages for custom objects out-of-the-box.
  • C. Customer Community Plus license does not allow access to custom objects.
  • D. Customer Community Plus license allows only up to 2 million users per org.

Answer: D

What is required when creating portal users through Just-Time (JIT) provisioning?

  • A. FederationIdentifier
  • B. Organization_id
  • C. FirstName
  • D. User.Role

Answer: B

Universal Containers is planning to build a community where customers will be able to view Knowledge articles and chat live with a support agent.
What should the administrator use to configure the chat functionality?

  • A. Experience Builder and Chatter
  • B. Service Console and Service Channel
  • C. Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow and Service Console
  • D. Service Channel and Chatter

Answer: C

Dreamscape flowers is looking to launch a public site for its current customers and prospects. Which three actions are performed automatically when a site is created Expense Cloud? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Creation of a guest role
  • B. Creation of moderation criteria that are applied only to guest users
  • C. Creation of a guest profile
  • D. Creation of sharing mechanisms that are available only to guest users
  • E. Creation of a guest user record

Answer: CDE

Universal Containers (UC) would like to create a site for its existing customers. The site will contain articles, manuals, and FAQs. The site will also contain access to UC's Contracts object specific to each customer and the ability for customers to update their billing information, requiring them to log in to the site to access any information.
Which template should UC select when building its site?

  • A. Customer Service
  • B. Customer Account Portal
  • C. Partner Central
  • D. Help Center C

Answer: B


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