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Cloud Kicks (CK) uses SSO (Single Sign-on) for its customer portal. The customer portal is built on the Customer Service template which uses LDS (Lightning Design System) and has public pages that use Lightning Web Components. CK gas also set up the Salesforce Content Delivery Network (CDN) for its domain, which CK is planning to change.

  • A. Changing the Salesforce CDN overwrites LDS defaults.
  • B. Changing the Salesforce CDN affects SAML SSO settings for all custom URLs in that domain.
  • C. Changing the Salesforce CDN impacts the AppExchange packages in the org that use Documents object.
  • D. Changing the Salesforce CDN impacts definitions of all Lightning Web Components used in public pages.

Answer: B

An administrator for Cloud Kicks wants to create a new partner user for an existing site.
Which step does the administrator need to perform right before providing user details and saving the user record?

  • A. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Customer User”.
  • B. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Account detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.
  • C. Click "New" on the User Setup page in Lightning Experience.
  • D. Click "Manage External User" on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.

Answer: D

Which step denotes the completion of an Experience Cloud site setup?

  • A. Setting up SSO
  • B. Activating the site
  • C. Assigning roes to users
  • D. Assigning profiles to users

Answer: B

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is planning to create an HR desk for its employees. The Technology team recommend using Experience Cloud to build the HR help desk app.
What should NTO consider when building the HR desk app?

  • A. HR user profile is only available in Employee Cloud with Employee permission set license.
  • B. In order to protect employee privacy, the HR help desk app should be created in a different org than the main org.
  • C. In order to leverage organizational structure, the HR help app must be created in the main org.
  • D. HR user profile is only available in Enterprise and Performance Editions with HR permission set license.

Answer: C

Bloomington Caregivers (BC) intends to launch a company-wide project to create personalized experiences for its providers, vendors installers, and patients. BC’s business processes and workflow flow industry standards and common practices, mostly driven by compliance and regulatory mandates.
What should BC closely into during the evaluation phase?

  • A. Lightning Bolt solutions
  • B. Community Connect
  • C. Digital Experience framework
  • D. SDLC (Software Developer Life Cycle) for Experiences

Answer: C

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to display a collection of news articles it has added to a workspace in Salesforce via a CMS Collection in its customer portal.
Where should UMS create the CMS collection before configuring the CMS Collection component in Experience Builder?

  • A. Administrator in Workspaces
  • B. Content Management in Workspaces
  • C. Community Setting
  • D. Branding Sets

Answer: B

A consultant needs to leverage ExperienceBundle for a deployment but is unable to view it. What is the most likely cause for this issue?

  • A. The experience has not yet been published.
  • B. A change set containing the Network needs to be deployed.
  • C. The "Enable ExperienceBundle Metadata API" setting needs to be checked.
  • D. A custom Experience template needs to be created.

Answer: C

Get Cloudy Consulting has decided to set up and create an Experience Cloud site where customers can create service tickets or chat live with agents.
What is the first step the system administrator should take to create the site?

  • A. Update organization-wide settings.
  • B. Enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • C. Enable Digital Experiences.
  • D. Configure the default login.

Answer: C

Which three items are reportable by a site administrator through Google Analytics for Experience Cloud sites? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Page View by Salesforce Object
  • B. Search Activity
  • C. User Login History Option
  • D. Number of Case Created by user
  • E. Contact Support page Activity

Answer: ABE

In which two ways can Opportunities with a Community User be shared? Choose 2 answers Calculator

  • A. Add a Partner Community profile to a Sharing Set and add Opportunities as an object in the Sharing Set.
  • B. Add a Customer Community Plus profile to a Sharing Set and add Opportunities as an object in the Sharing Set.
  • C. Create an owner-based sharing rule with a Customer Community User.
  • D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule with a Partner Community role.

Answer: AD

Universal Containers has implemented Chat, but agents are complaining that they have to capture several pieces of information before being able to service the customer.
What should an administrator do to capture information upfront on the Experience site?

  • A. Create a flow for customers to fill out before initiating Chat.
  • B. Enable Chat for only authenticated users and pass the user's information on hidden fields.
  • C. Deploy a unique chat per topic.
  • D. Create a pre-chat form to fill out before initiating Chat.

Answer: D

Universal Containers (UC) wants to build a product registration site to allow guest users to register a product.
The functionality will involve a multi-step flow.
How should UC enable the guest user to run the flow?

  • A. Assign a single screen to multi-step flow and give the guest user access via page layout.
  • B. Save the flow with the "System Context Without Sharing—Access All Data” option.
  • C. Set the “Enable Lightning Flows for Guest User” toggle option to ON in Setup.
  • D. Convert multi-step flow into individual flows and give the guest user access to each flow separately.

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is building a digital experience for its independent researchers who will be collaborating with NTO’s staff on their research-related submissions.
Which user visibility setting needs to be enabled at a minimum?

  • A. None
  • B. Site User Visibility
  • C. Guest User Visibility
  • D. Portal User Visibility

Answer: D

A consultant recently finished gathering requirements for a Cloud Kicks (CK) project that will launch five new Customer Experience Cloud sites worldwide, all on a brand new Salesforce org. The purpose of these sites is to a generate buzz around new CK models and crowdsource new ideas for the RAD department. The consultant knows Multiple Books that they need to enable moderation and rate limit rules as part of their planning and must meet the following requirements:
* Each site must have three unique content moderation rules that flag specific keywords.
* Each site must have four unique rate rules that govern posting limits.
* All authenticated users must be able to post on demand. Calculator
What should the consultant consider doing before beginning work on these sites?

  • A. Ensure that both the notify and freeze actions for all site rate rules are implemented.
  • B. Notify the stakeholders that the number of content moderation rules, but not rate rules, exceeds the org limit.
  • C. Notify the stakeholders that the number of rate rules, but not content moderation rules, exceeds the org limit.
  • D. Notify the stakeholders that the number of both moderation and rate rules exceeds the org limit.

Answer: D

Ursa Major Solar would like to use three Record Detail components on a page to display object details for the Account, Case, and Opportunity objects for the user who is logged in to the company’s portal. When they drop the components on the page, they are not getting the desired results.
What is causing this issue?

  • A. The Record Detail component populates the recordID associated with the object for the page template, so this component will not work for this use case.
  • B. The Record Detail component populates the record associated with the object for the page template so this component will only work on the Home page template
  • C. The Record Detail component is a custom component and was not configured correctly
  • D. The Record Detail component will only show record details for the Case object.

Answer: A


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