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What is the Adobe-recommend way to enable the Experience Cloud ID within Adobe Experience Platform(AEP) Launch?

  • A. The Experience Marketing CloudID extension
  • B. The Experience Cloud ID extension
  • C. By custom code, as there is no Launch Extension
  • D. The Adobe Analytics extension

Answer: B

a banner ad has the wrong campaign ID tracking parameter (tid instead of cid) on the destination URL. Which Adobe Analytics feature can be used to fix this issue?

  • A. Classifications
  • B. Processing Rules
  • C. Event Serialization
  • D. Data Sources

Answer: A

An Adobe Analytics variable is populated in the beacon with a value of c3=Green but the resulting report shows a value of #008000.
Which two options should be investigated to find the source of the change? (Choose two.)

  • A. Visitor Profiles
  • B. VISTA Rules
  • C. Mobile SDK
  • D. PHP Server Side Analytics
  • E. Processing Rules

Answer: AD

In the product string for a single item, how many semicoins (;) come before the name of the product?

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 1

Answer: B

Given the following example data layer:
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Based on best practices, how should the language be populated in a data element?

  • A. data element type: customcode custom code: return digitalDate, userInfo, language;
  • B. data element type custom code custom code; if {digitalData,pageInfo,language} {return digitalData,pageInfo,language;}
  • C. data element type: javaScript variable javaScript variablename:digitalDate.pageinfo.language
  • D. date element type: javaScript variable javaScript variable name: digitalDat
  • E. userinfo.language

Answer: C

What needs to be done after checking the '' Automatically share Analytics Data with Audience Manager'' option in the Adobe Analytics Extension?

  • A. The data integration Library (DIL code must be added to the AppMeasuement file.
  • B. Server-side forwarding needsto be enabled in the Analytics Admin tools.
  • C. The web manager needs to set the 'aam_track cookie on the website.
  • D. Audience Manager tracking needs to be enabled in the Analytics Admin tools

Answer: A

Assuming that all data will be collected from an on-page data layer, when should a data layer property be updated and called by its data element so that the value is accurate for the link click?

  • A. . After the s,t() call before the s,t1() call
  • B. After both the s,yt() and s,t1() calls
  • C. Before any server calls aremade
  • D. On DOM ready before window,onload()

Answer: B

Adobe Analytics data is not going to the correct report suite, and the issue requires some troubleshooting. Which method will help identify which report suite the data isbeing sent to?

  • A. Look at the image request/ beacon
  • B. Look at the source HTML
  • C. Look at the query string parameters.
  • D. Look at the page URL

Answer: B

How can a developer see which Adobe Experience Platform Launch rules are being fired without using browser plugins?

  • A. _satellite.logger.debug(true);
  • B. _satellite.setDebug(true);
  • C. _satellite.setDebug();
  • D. localStong,seitem('setDebug[.; true);

Answer: B

A client has customer data stored in a customer relationship management (CRM) database and wants to leverage that data in Adobe Analytics.
What is the name of the Adobe Core Services feature that will meet this need?

  • A. Customer Attributes
  • B. Audiences
  • C. Experience Cloud ID Service
  • D. Customer Activation

Answer: A

When testing, the Adobe Analytics beacon is not firing. There is a JavaScript error in the console that says ''TypeError: Error is nota function''.
Which is the probable cause of the error?

  • A. A variable called Error
  • B. A function called TypeError
  • C. A variable called Error
  • D. A function called error

Answer: B

A particular campaign ID, 'email123 is present in the Tracking Code report. Howver when viewing the Campaigns report, no data relating to this tracking code can be found.
What is the cause of the missing data/

  • A. valid tracking codes should be 10 characters in length.
  • B. A name for the campaign was not sent along with the tracking code on the beacon.
  • C. The campaign to which this tracking code belongs has expired.
  • D. The classifications table for the Tracking Code needs to be updated.

Answer: B

In a single Page Application (SPA), which event is type is unsupported for triggering a rule when a user goes from one view to another?

  • A. Direct Call
  • B. Page Bottom
  • C. Custom Event
  • D. History Change

Answer: A

In order to improve performance the client has a requirement that every JavaScript library loaded on their website does so asynchronously, You add the Adobe ExperiencePlatform Launch library to the site asynchronously.
Which two considerations must you keep in mind when setting up the rules in Adobe Experience Platform Launch for this client? (Choose two.)

  • A. Page Load Event Types sent in the Event Configuration of a Rule will not trigger in the default order.
  • B. Only the DOM Ready Page Load Event Type and can be reliably used when setting up Rule.
  • C. A rule using the Library Loaded event type might execute before your data layer is fully loaded.
  • D. Only the Windows Loaded Page Load Event Type can be reliably used when setting up a Rule.
  • E. The Page Bottom event type doesn't provide value when the library is loaded asynchronously

Answer: AC

Adobe Experience Platform Launch has been implemented using asynchronous deployment. When does a rules fire if it is configured to trigger ona ''Page Bottom'' event?

  • A. If the load browser event has already occurred
  • B. Just before the library is loaded
  • C. when the DOMContentLoaded browser event occurs
  • D. Immediately when the library is loaded

Answer: C

An implementation requires custom code in Adobe Experience Platform Launch that sets an eVar. The code looks like this:
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However, when the rule executes, the following error appears in the browser's console:
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
What are two possible cause of this error? (Choose two.):

  • A. The Adobe Analytics extension has not been installed.
  • B. The s object needs to first be declared in a page load rule.
  • C. The ''Make tracker globally accessible'' setting i n the Adobe Analytics extension has not been enabled.
  • D. Then AppMeasurement library was deleted from the website.
  • E. Another JavaScript library on the page is conflicting with Launch.

Answer: BC

You are working in Adobe Experience Platform Launch and making multiple updates to a library: What isthe quickest way to see your results and test your changes?

  • A. Save your changes using the Working Library function, and build library.
  • B. Open the Local Testing tab, save your changes and build the library.
  • C. Open the Quick publish tab, save your changes, and build the library.
  • D. Open the Publishing tab, save your changes, and build the library.

Answer: A

Which built-in functions have been deprecated in Adobe Experience Platform Launch?
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: B

A business stakeholder is running a campaign on multiple social media platform for an upcoming holiday. They want to know the complete journey after a user clicks on the campaign and enters the site.
How can this requirement be met?

  • A. Use prop with lists enabled.
  • B. Use s.compaign, and populate the data.
  • C. Use prop, and populate the data.
  • D. Use
  • E. campaign with pathing enabled.

Answer: B

A developer is migrating from a legacy implementation of Adobe Analytics to Adobe Experience Platform Launch.
What is the recommend value to enter into the Tracking Server field of the Adobe Analytics Extension?

  • A. Use the domain 207.net
  • B. Leave the field blank
  • C. Use thedomain legacy,sc,cmtrdc.net
  • D. Use the same value from the earlier version.

Answer: D

What is true the s,products variable that does not apply to other conversion variables in Adobe Analytics?

  • A. It still needs to have an Expiration value set (i,e; Visit, Day, Week, etc.)
  • B. It can contain characters such as '', © and ®
  • C. It allow for list enablement, where each list entry is limited to 100 bytes.
  • D. It does not persist beyound a single hit.

Answer: C

Duplicate page views commonly occur on the first page of a single-page application due to the default page view beacon being fired across the entiresite in additional to direct call rules used by the application.
Knowing the landing page URL for the application, what is the recommended why in Adobe Experience Platform Launch to suppress this default page view beacon, so that the direct call rule beacon is the only one that fires upon landing on that fires landing on the application?

  • A. Create a rule that fires on the bottom of every page; clear all the variable from the beacon so that it will not fire.
  • B. Add custom code to your default page load rulethat sets
  • C. defaultBeacon to false
  • D. Configure the property in Launch to support single-page applications, and it will happen automatically.
  • E. Create a snippet code in ''Customize Page Code'' in the Analytics extension that executes return false if theURL current page matches that of the landing page URL for the application.

Answer: B


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