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New Questions 10

Which four requirements are mandatory to enable a mixed mode Cisco Unified CM cluster? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco CTL Provider Service activated and enabled

B. Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function activated and enabled

C. Cisco Trust Verification activated and enabled

D. Cisco CTL client

E. a minimum of one USB e-token

F. a minimum of two USB e-token

G. a minimum of one soft e-token

Answer: A, B, D,F

New Questions 11

Which four attributes are needed to determine the time to complete a TFTP file transfer process? (Choose four.)

A. file size

B. file type

C. network interface type

D. round-trip time

E. packet loss percentage

F. response timeout

G. network throughput

Answer: A, D, E,F


Four attributes that are needed to determine the time to complete TFTP file transfer process is:

File Size

Round-trip time

Packet loss percentage Response timeout Reference:

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

Which DTMF relay method is advertised when the originating SlP gateway sends an lNVlTE message with a Call-lnfo header shown?

A. RFC 2833




E. ln-band audio

Answer: C


You can develop user-specific applications that reside on your network entity and have the ability to subscribe for event services supported by the lMG. lf the network entity wants the ability to detect an entered DTMF digit (only telephone event of "###" are currently supported) from the TDM-side of a call to the lP side of a call, the entity can subscribe to the lMG for these events and receive SlP NOTlFY events containing the digit event.

New Questions 13

Which two mechanisms does Cisco EnergyWise use for neighbor discovery? (Choose two.)

A. multicast


C. UDP broadcast

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol


Answer: C, D


Cisco EnergyWise Neighbor Discovery Process

The Cisco EnergyWise neighbor discovery process is the mechanism by which domain members discover each other and populate their Cisco EnergyWise neighbor tables. Cisco EnergyWise queries can subsequently be distributed to all domain members using the neighbor relationships to monitor and control the power usage of devices within a domain. Cisco EnergyWise domain members automatically discover their neighbors through one of two mechanisms:

Cisco EnergyWise UDP broadcast packet

Cisco EnergyWise CDP packets

UDP broadcast packets are automatically sent out switch ports which support Cisco EnergyWise, regardless of whether the interfaces are configured with the no energywise interface-level command. CDP packets are sent when CDP is configured for the switch ports.


New Questions 14

What is the name of the logical channel proposal that is transmitted from the called entity to the calling entity in H.323 Fast Connect?

A. Forward Logical Channel

B. Backward Logical Channel

C. Reverse Logical Channel

D. Originator Logical Channel

E. Destination Logical Channel

Answer: C

Explanation: Unlike the OpenLogicalChannel request used by H.323 for video uni-directional logical channels, the request used by H.324 for opening video bi-directional logical channels specifies the temporalSpatialTradeOff Capability in both the forward and reverse directions--in the forwardLogicalChannelParameters.dataTypeandreverseLogicalChannelParameters.dataType components, respectively. The semantics of temporalSpatialTradeOffCapability used in forward LogicalChannelParameters.dataType is described in the previous section. The semantics for its presence in the reverse direction is described in this section.

New Questions 15

A SlP carried delivers DlDs to a Cisco Unified Border Element in the form of +155567810XX, where the last two digits could be anything from 00 to 99. To match the internal dial plan, that number must be changed to 6785XXX, where the last two digits should be retained. Which two translation profiles create the required outcome? (Choose two)

A. rule 1 /555(.*).*(.*)/ /1502/

B. rule 1 /+ 1555(.).(.)$/ /152/

C. rule 1 /"+ 1555(678)10(..)$/ /1502/

D. rule 1 /"15+678(. .)/6781/

E. rule 1 /.15+678?10?(..)/ /678501/

Answer: C, E

New Questions 16

What is the default data collection interval for Call Detail Records on Cisco Unified CM?

A. 60 seconds

B. 1 seconds

C. 1440 seconds

D. 600 seconds

E. 3600 seconds

Answer: A

New Questions 17

Which statement about the Cisco UC on UCS TRC and the third-party server specs-based virtualization support model is true?

A. Both the UC on UCS TRC and the third-party servers spec-based support models have rule-based approaches.

B. The UC on UCS TRC support model has a rule-based approach and the third-party servers spec-based support model has a configuration-based approach.

C. The UC on UCS TRC support model requires a high level of virtualization experience while the third-party server spec-based support model requires a low to medium level virtualization experience.

D. VMware vCenter is mandatory for the UC on UCS TRC support model but it is optional for the third-party server spec-based support model.

E. VMware vCenter is optional for the UC on UCS TRC support model but it is mandatory for the third-party server spec-based support model.

Answer: E


VMware vCenter is optional when deploying on





mandatory when deploying on



vCenter Statistics Level 4 logging is mandatory so that Cisco TAC is able to provide effective support.

Click for how to configure VMware vCenter to capture these logs. lf not configured by default, Cisco TAC may request enabling these settings in order to provide effective support.

Also note that enablement of specific VMware vSphere management features may require vCenter and/or a higher feature Edition of vSphere ESXi.

Cisco Collaboration does not require its own dedicated vCenter.

Note that when VMware vCenter is not required and is not used, then VMware vSphere ESXi's default management interface is its free/included VMware vSphere Client (formerly branded Vl Client).


New Questions 18

Refer to the exhibit.

Which Cisco Unified CM service interfaces with Cisco lP Phones to allow users to report audio and other general problems on the phones?

A. Cisco Serviceability Reporter

B. Cisco Audit Event Service

C. Cisco CallManager Serviceability

D. Cisco Extended Functions

E. Cisco RTMT Reporter Servlet

Answer: D

New Questions 19

Which Cisco Unified CM service is responsible for periodically checking disk usage and deleting old Call Management Records files?

A. Cisco CallManager

B. Cisco CDR Agent

C. Cisco CDR Repository Manager

D. Cisco SOAP - CallRecord Service

E. Cisco Extended Functions

Answer: C

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