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Walter and Sons Company has faced major cyber attacks and lost confidential data. The company has decided to concentrate more on the security rather than other resources. Therefore, they hired Alice, a threat analyst, to perform data analysis. Alice was asked to perform qualitative data analysis to extract useful information from collected bulk data.
Which of the following techniques will help Alice to perform qualitative data analysis?

  • A. Regression analysis, variance analysis, and so on
  • B. Numerical calculations, statistical modeling, measurement, research, and so on.
  • C. Brainstorming, interviewing, SWOT analysis, Delphi technique, and so on
  • D. Finding links between data and discover threat-related information

Answer: C

An attacker instructs bots to use camouflage mechanism to hide his phishing and malware delivery locations in the rapidly changing network of compromised bots. In this particular technique, a single domain name consists of multiple IP addresses.
Which of the following technique is used by the attacker?

  • A. DNS zone transfer
  • B. Dynamic DNS
  • C. DNS interrogation
  • D. Fast-Flux DNS

Answer: D

In which of the following forms of bulk data collection are large amounts of data first collected from multiple sources in multiple formats and then processed to achieve threat intelligence?

  • A. Structured form
  • B. Hybrid form
  • C. Production form
  • D. Unstructured form

Answer: D

Jian is a member of the security team at Trinity, Inc. He was conducting a real-time assessment of system activities in order to acquire threat intelligence feeds. He acquired feeds from sources like honeynets, P2P monitoring. infrastructure, and application logs.
Which of the following categories of threat intelligence feed was acquired by Jian?

  • A. Internal intelligence feeds
  • B. External intelligence feeds
  • C. CSV data feeds
  • D. Proactive surveillance feeds

Answer: A

Tim is working as an analyst in an ABC organization. His organization had been facing many challenges in converting the raw threat intelligence data into meaningful contextual information. After inspection, he found that it was due to noise obtained from misrepresentation of data from huge data collections. Hence, it is important to clean the data before performing data analysis using techniques such as data reduction. He needs to choose an appropriate threat intelligence framework that automatically performs data collection, filtering, and analysis for his organization.
Which of the following threat intelligence frameworks should he choose to perform such task?

  • A. HighCharts
  • C. Threat grid
  • D. TC complete

Answer: D

Jame, a professional hacker, is trying to hack the confidential information of a target organization. He identified the vulnerabilities in the target system and created a tailored deliverable malicious payload using an exploit and a backdoor to send it to the victim.
Which of the following phases of cyber kill chain methodology is Jame executing?

  • A. Reconnaissance
  • B. Installation
  • C. Weaponization
  • D. Exploitation

Answer: C

H&P, Inc. is a small-scale organization that has decided to outsource the network security monitoring due to lack of resources in the organization. They are looking for the options where they can directly incorporate threat intelligence into their existing network defense solutions.
Which of the following is the most cost-effective methods the organization can employ?

  • A. Recruit the right talent
  • B. Look for an individual within the organization
  • C. Recruit data management solution provider
  • D. Recruit managed security service providers (MSSP)

Answer: D

Joe works as a threat intelligence analyst with Xsecurity Inc. He is assessing the TI program by comparing the project results with the original objectives by reviewing project charter. He is also reviewing the list of expected deliverables to ensure that each of those is delivered to an acceptable level of quality.
Identify the activity that Joe is performing to assess a TI program’s success or failure.

  • A. Determining the fulfillment of stakeholders
  • B. Identifying areas of further improvement
  • C. Determining the costs and benefits associated with the program
  • D. Conducting a gap analysis

Answer: D

Tyrion, a professional hacker, is targeting an organization to steal confidential information. He wants to perform website footprinting to obtain the following information, which is hidden in the web page header.
Connection status and content type
Accept-ranges and last-modified information
X-powered-by information
Web server in use and its version
Which of the following tools should the Tyrion use to view header content?

  • A. Hydra
  • B. AutoShun
  • C. Vanguard enforcer
  • D. Burp suite

Answer: D

Miley, an analyst, wants to reduce the amount of collected data and make the storing and sharing process easy. She uses filtering, tagging, and queuing technique to sort out the relevant and structured data from the large amounts of unstructured data.
Which of the following techniques was employed by Miley?

  • A. Sandboxing
  • B. Normalization
  • C. Data visualization
  • D. Convenience sampling

Answer: B

John, a professional hacker, is trying to perform APT attack on the target organization network. He gains access to a single system of a target organization and tries to obtain administrative login credentials to gain further access to the systems in the network using various techniques.
What phase of the advanced persistent threat lifecycle is John currently in?

  • A. Initial intrusion
  • B. Search and exfiltration
  • C. Expansion
  • D. Persistence

Answer: C

Moses, a threat intelligence analyst at InfoTec Inc., wants to find crucial information about the potential threats the organization is facing by using advanced Google search operators. He wants to identify whether any fake websites are hosted at the similar to the organization’s URL.
Which of the following Google search queries should Moses use?

  • A. related:
  • B. info:
  • C. link:
  • D. cache:

Answer: A

Alison, an analyst in an XYZ organization, wants to retrieve information about a company’s website from the time of its inception as well as the removed information from the target website.
What should Alison do to get the information he needs.

  • A. Alison should use SmartWhois to extract the required website information.
  • B. Alison should use to extract the required website information.
  • C. Alison should run the Web Data Extractor tool to extract the required website information.
  • D. Alison should recover cached pages of the website from the Google search engine cache to extract the required website information.

Answer: C

Tracy works as a CISO in a large multinational company. She consumes threat intelligence to understand the changing trends of cyber security. She requires intelligence to understand the current business trends and make appropriate decisions regarding new technologies, security budget, improvement of processes, and staff. The intelligence helps her in minimizing business risks and protecting the new technology and business initiatives.
Identify the type of threat intelligence consumer is Tracy.

  • A. Tactical users
  • B. Strategic users
  • C. Operational users
  • D. Technical users

Answer: B

Bob, a threat analyst, works in an organization named TechTop. He was asked to collect intelligence to fulfil the needs and requirements of the Red Tam present within the organization.
Which of the following are the needs of a RedTeam?

  • A. Intelligence related to increased attacks targeting a particular software or operating system vulnerability
  • B. Intelligence on latest vulnerabilities, threat actors, and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • C. Intelligence extracted latest attacks analysis on similar organizations, which includes details about latest threats and TTPs
  • D. Intelligence that reveals risks related to various strategic business decisions

Answer: B


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