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Which four predefined tasks are included in Orchestrator? (Choose four.)

  • A. SSH Command
  • B. Collect Inventory
  • C. Telnet Command
  • D. Execute Cloupia Script
  • E. Notify URL
  • F. Email Administration
  • G. Putty Command
  • H. Order Requisition

Answer: ABDE

When instantiating the Cisco Intercloud Fabric Router, what is the minimum number and type of interfaces required?

  • A. one management interface and four subinterfaces
  • B. two management interface and two subinterfaces
  • C. two management interface and four subinterfaces
  • D. one management interface and two subinterfaces

Answer: D

An end user is logging in to Cisco Prime Service Catalog to order a VM based on Standard Catalog. After the service has been located, how can this task be achieved?

  • A. Click Service Reques
  • B. Complete the request for
  • C. Click Add to Cart.Place order.
  • D. Click Order.Complete the order for
  • E. Click Save Cart.Place order.
  • F. Click Order.Complete the order for
  • G. Click Add to Cart.Place order.
  • H. Click Service Reques
  • I. Complete the order for
  • J. Click Save Cart.Place order.

Answer: C

Where are provisioned applications displayed when an application template order is completed?

  • A. My Stuff > Application Template
  • B. My Stuff > Open Orders/Complete Orders > Comment and History page
  • C. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Completed Orders
  • D. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Open Orders

Answer: A

A cloud administrator has provisioned Cisco Prime Service Catalog for Cisco UCS Director and Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business. Where can a user track the status of provisioning and the status of the post-provisioning operations?

  • A. Service Designer > Extensions
  • B. My Stuff > Open Orders/Complete Orders > Comment and History page
  • C. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Completed Orders
  • D. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Open Orders

Answer: B

An administrator is editing a Cisco UCS Director catalog item under the user credentials pane. Which three fields are available? (Choose three.)

  • A. User ID
  • B. Password
  • C. Full Name
  • D. Credential Options
  • E. Description
  • F. Cloud Name

Answer: ABD

After creating a service request for VM provisioning in the Intercloud Fabric, what is the timeline for approval?

  • A. immediate approval or scheduled approval within a maximum of 90 days from original request
  • B. 30-day approval from original request
  • C. scheduled approval within a maximum of 120 days from original request
  • D. 120-day approval from original request

Answer: A

A cost model in UCS Director is used to define the unit level costs of which two virtual resources? (Choose two.)

  • A. socket
  • B. CPU
  • C. RAM
  • D. NIC
  • E. vNIC
  • F. datastore size

Answer: BC

Cisco Intelligent Automation Cloud is a solution that enables organizations to automate delivery of physical and virtual servers through the use of a self-service portal. Which two key Cisco products are used for the automation framework of this solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Process Orchestrator
  • B. Cisco Prime Service Catalog
  • C. Cisco Cloud Orchestrator
  • D. Cisco Server Orchestrator
  • E. Cisco Process Portal

Answer: AB

A cloud administrator is tasked with cloning a catalog. Which two properties will be copied into the new catalog? (Choose two.)

  • A. IP address
  • B. name
  • C. VLAN ID
  • D. description
  • E. attributes

Answer: AC

How many instances of Cisco UCS Director does the Cisco Prime Service Catalog allow you to integrate while in managed service provider mode?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 5
  • D. up to 10
  • E. unlimited

Answer: A

Which statement describes a Cisco VACS management IP pool?

  • A. The management IP pool provides network connectivity for the Gigabit0 and Gigabit1 interfaces on the Cisco CSR1000V Series Routers.
  • B. The router uplink interfaces are assigned to a management IP pool for control plane communication.
  • C. The WebTier communicates to the DatabaseTier using the management IP pool.
  • D. Management IP pools provide connectivity for the mgmt0 interface of the Cisco CSR1000V and the Cisco VSG.

Answer: D

An end user is logging in to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog for the very first time. Once logged in, the user notices that the service catalog is not set at the user's default module. How can the user change the default login module?

  • A. An end user can edit the default login module by setting up preferences under the user's Profile.
  • B. An end user can only edit the default login module by contacting the cloud administrator.
  • C. Default login modules are automatically assigned by the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and cannot be changed.
  • D. Default login modules can be configured in the Service Designer > Extensions.

Answer: A

Whichis a requirement before migrating from the Cisco Intercloud Fabric Cloud to the
private cloud?

  • A. Create an application category policy.
  • B. Add the resource pool to the default computing policy.
  • C. Add a migration policy to the private cloud.
  • D. Create a virtual data center in the private cloud as an admin user.

Answer: B

A cloud administrator has been tasked with ordering a three-tier application container on Cisco Prime Service Catalog 11.0. Which three requirements are necessary to achieve this task? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Prime Service Catalog must have Stack Designer.
  • B. PSC Container templates are optional.
  • C. Heatmust be running.
  • D. Puppetmust be installed.
  • E. Application Containermust be set up in Cisco UCS Director.
  • F. BMA must be installed.
  • G. Cisco UCS Director Catalog must be imported into the Cisco Prime Service Catalog.

Answer: ACE

Which two statements are true regarding snapshot and snapshot limitations? (Choose two.)

  • A. Resource limitations should be set up in Cisco Prime Service Catalog by user groups to prevent datastore exhaustion.
  • B. Powering off a VM in a vCenter will make a snapshot go faster.
  • C. A VM in a VDC can be accessed by any user regardless of permissions.
  • D. Users can create, revert, and delete snapshots in accordance with the end-user self- service policy by VDC.

Answer: BD

What condition must be met when configuring a Cisco Intercloud Fabric Router for dynamic NAT and adding a rule?

  • A. Configure the source IP PAT pool.
  • B. Enable the round-robin IP feature.
  • C. Use the prefix source condition and an IP pool that contains the public addresses accessible by the provider cloud.
  • D. Enable the bidirectional feature.

Answer: C

Where would an administrator monitor application container template instantiation?

  • A. Click the Application Containers drop-down menu.
  • B. Click the Organization drop-down menu, then Service Requests.
  • C. Check the My Approvals tab in the Orchestration dialog box.
  • D. Watch the progress bar on the catalog request dialog box.

Answer: B

Which three properties are available in a Cisco UCS Director computing policy when selecting a filter? (Choose three.)

  • A. Fiber Channel storage LUNs
  • B. number of CPU cores in the host node
  • C. Hypervisor version
  • D. total memory in the host node
  • E. number of available vNICs
  • F. local storage

Answer: BCD

A Cisco UCS Director administrator has been tasked with creating a new service request. From which four catalog requests can the administrator choose? (Choose four.)

  • A. VDI
  • B. Standard
  • C. Service Container
  • D. Advanced
  • E. Normal
  • F. Live Applications
  • G. Process Container
  • H. Regular

Answer: ABCD

A cloud administrator is creating a port profile for the Cisco Intercloud Fabric Firewall. When is the Enable for Services check box appropriate?

  • A. when creating data or management port profiles
  • B. when the port profile is applicable to a cloud VM
  • C. when enabling IP binding learning on the Cisco Intercloud Fabric Switch
  • D. when creating a new service node

Answer: B

What is the valid range of VXLAN range when defining a VXLAN pool policy in Cisco UCS Director?

  • A. 4096 to 16000000
  • B. 5000 to 16000000
  • C. 4095 to 10000000
  • D. 4096 to 10000000

Answer: A

The Application Stack as a service feature is available with which option in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog?

  • A. Keynote
  • B. Virtual Appliance
  • C. Stack Designer
  • D. Application Designer

Answer: B

You have been tasked with managing Cisco UCS Director Application Containers. What occurs when you power-on an application container?

  • A. All the VMs within the container will be configured to their corresponding apps.
  • B. All the VMs within the container will be turned on.
  • C. All the VMs within the container will be provisioned.
  • D. All the VMs within the container will be refreshed and old copies will be deleted.

Answer: B

An administrator has installed Cisco UCS Director and created a few VMs for the sales department in the enterprise vCenter. Which statement is true regarding sales VMs and Cisco UCS Director?

  • A. All VMs created in vCenter prior to Cisco UCS Director installation will not be registered with Cisco UCS Director because they are not prepared using the Cisco UCS Director user interface.
  • B. All VMs created in vCenter prior to Cisco UCS Director installation will be recognized in Cisco UCS Director and will remain in errored state.
  • C. Cisco UCS Director will automatically discover these VMs and add them to the default VDC.
  • D. Administrator is required to create sales VDC on Cisco UCS Director and add these VMs under sales VDC to make them operational.

Answer: C


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