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Which two roles can import a blueprint from the VMware Marketplace? (Choose two.)

  • A. Infrastructure architect role
  • B. Software architect role
  • C. Catalog administrator role
  • D. Business group administrator role
  • E. Application architect role

Answer: AB

Which vRealize Automation role is required to run a manual data collection for compute resources?

  • A. Fabric administrator
  • B. IaaS administrator
  • C. System administrator
  • D. Tenant administrator

Answer: B

Which two methods can a vRealize Automation administrator use to delete a vSphere endpoint? (Choose two.)

  • A. Delete the endpoint using the vRealize Automation Cloud Client.
  • B. Delete the endpoint from the Postgres database.
  • C. Use the vRealize Automation REST API to delete the vSphere endpoint.
  • D. Run the “delete vSphere endpoint” stored procedure on the IaaS database.
  • E. Execute the “Unregister a vCenter Server extension” workflow from vRealize Orchestrator.

Answer: AC

Which two tasks can be accomplished using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A. Change the vRealize Automation tenant administrator password.
  • B. Create additional vRealize Automation tenants.
  • C. Remediate configuration drift in vRealize Automation.
  • D. Change the vRealize Automation appliance root password.
  • E. Change the vRealize Automation IaaS administrator password.

Answer: CD

Which vRealize Automation component is used to connect to an Amazon Web Services endpoint?

  • A. DEM Worker
  • B. Proxy Agent
  • C. Management Agent
  • D. Guest Agent

Answer: D

What is a specific instance of a completed or running workflow called?

  • A. Workflow event
  • B. Workflow token
  • C. Workflow attribute
  • D. Workflow status

Answer: B

What is the role of the Proxy Agent?

  • A. Communicate with hypervisor endpoints
  • B. Communicate with hypervisor and cloud endpoints
  • C. Communicate with cloud endpoints
  • D. Communicate with vCenter endpoints

Answer: A

The vRealize Automation IaaS Proxy Agent is a windows service used to communicate with specific infrastructure endpoints. In this design, the vSphere Proxy agent is utilized to communicate with vCenter.

An architect is designing a virtual machine blueprint for the deployment team. Each deployment machine must contain dynamically assigned unique IPs that can be directly reached by the resources on the corporate network.
Which type of networking is required for this blueprint?

  • A. NSX-T on-demand NAT network
  • B. NSX-T on-demand load balancer
  • C. NSX-T on-demand routed network
  • D. NSX-T existing network and security (NS) group

Answer: A

Catalog item requests are taking longer than usual to provision.
Upon reviewing the vRealize Automation instance in the environment, the IaaS Administrator discovers the following error:
2V0-31.19 dumps exhibit
Further investigation reveals that the IaaS Manager Service is active on more than one IaaS Manager Service server.
What can the administrator do to address this issue?

  • A. Stop and disable the Management Agent service.
  • B. Stop and disable one of the DEM Worker services.
  • C. Stop and disable all IaaS Manager services.
  • D. Stop and disable one of the IaaS Manager services.

Answer: D

Which two components require a load balancer? (Choose two.)

  • A. IaaS Web
  • B. IaaS Manager
  • C. Proxy Agent
  • D. Management Agent
  • E. DEM Worker

Answer: AB

When using the Generate Form option, what are two items for which custom form tabs are automatically created? (Choose two.)

  • A. Each network component defined on a blueprint
  • B. Each disk that is associated with each virtual machine that is already defined in the blueprint
  • C. Each custom property defined on a blueprint
  • D. Each custom property group defined on a blueprint
  • E. Each virtual machine component defined on a blueprint

Answer: AE

What can be used in custom forms to prevent a user from entering too large a value (such as too much memory for a virtual machine)?

  • A. Constraints for a field
  • B. Regular expression for a field
  • C. Quotas for a field
  • D. Limitations for a field

Answer: A

A new Windows operating system machine blueprint is created and is ready to be added to a new service catalog.
Which step must be performed for the catalog item to be visible to business users?

  • A. Entitle the blueprint with all appropriate actions.
  • B. Publish the blueprint.
  • C. Entitle a business user to add the blueprint to the catalog.
  • D. Add the catalog item to the business group’s reservation.

Answer: B

An administrator configures a pre-approval event subscription to run vRealize Orchestrator workflow. The workflow does not run when a machine that matches the defined criteria is requested in the service catalog.
What can the administrator do to resolve this issue?

  • A. Verify that approvers have executed the approve option.
  • B. Verify that the workflow subscription is published.
  • C. Verify that approvers belong to specific users and groups.
  • D. Verify that the approval policy is associated with the correct resource action.

Answer: B

An administrator installs vRealize Automation and adds a new vCenter Server endpoint. Data collection from the vCenter Server is failing resulting in the following error:
2V0-31.19 dumps exhibit
What is a possible cause of this issue?

  • A. Incorrect vCenter Server credentials are being used in the endpoint configuration.
  • B. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is disabled on IaaS Windows server machines.
  • C. Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) remote transactions are disabled on IaaS Windows Server machines.
  • D. The vRealize Automation’s Proxy Agent for vSphere service is not running.

Answer: C

Which option in a composite blueprint’s settings allows an architect to modify the CPU and memory limits of provisioned virtual machines?

  • A. Increase number of instances
  • B. Propagate updates to existing deployments
  • C. Make available as a component in the design canvas
  • D. Make provisioned resources scalable

Answer: D

An administrator needs to change the default tenant name for vRealize Orchestrator.
How can the administrator change the default tenant in vRealize Orchestrator Control Center?

  • A. Configure the authentication provider.
  • B. Configure system properties.
  • C. Modify the tenant name in the VAMI.
  • D. Modify host settings.

Answer: A

A user needs to lease a machine for 14 days. The request is in approval for three days with his manager before being provisioned.
How many days will the machine be active before expiration?

  • A. 14
  • B. 17
  • C. 10
  • D. 11

Answer: A

A vRealize Automation administrator with the software architect role is planning to deploy applications as a part of the vRealize Automation provisioning process on VMware vSphere and Amazon Web Service (AWS) virtual machines.
Which two agents are required on the base template or the Amazon machine image (AMI)? (Choose two.)

  • A. Rest agent
  • B. Management agent
  • C. Proxy agent
  • D. Guest agent
  • E. Software bootstrap agent

Answer: DE

Which role is required in vRealize Automation to add a vCenter endpoint to vRealize Business for Cloud?

  • A. Business group manager
  • B. Infrastructure administrator
  • C. Business management controller
  • D. Business management administrator

Answer: B

Which on-demand network component is only available when using NSX Data Center for vSphere on the blueprint design canvas?

  • A. On-demand private network
  • B. On-demand NAT network
  • C. On-demand routed network
  • D. On-demand load balancer

Answer: A

A virtual machine provision fails the following error:
2V0-31.19 dumps exhibit
What is a possible reason for this error?

  • A. The reservation is missing the appropriate network profile.
  • B. The reservation is out of available IP addresses.
  • C. The network profile is out of available IP addresses.
  • D. The network profile is misconfigured with the incorrect network.

Answer: A

What is prerequisite for creating a NAT or routed network profile in vRealize Automation?

  • A. An existing external network profile
  • B. A load balancer
  • C. A predefined DNS server
  • D. A predefined DHCP range

Answer: A

Existing network configured on the vSphere server. They are the external part of the NAT and routed networks types. An external network profile can define a range of static IP addresses available on the external network.
You can use IP ranges obtained from the supplied VMware IPAM endpoint or from a third-party IPAM service provider endpoint that you have registered and configured in vRealize Orchestrator, such as Infoblox IPAM. An IP range is created from an IP block during allocation.
An external network profile with a static IP range is a prerequisite for NAT and routed networks.


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