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A technician needs to recommend an internet connection for a customer who travels around the world and wants to have connectivity while visiting remote camping locations. Some of the locations the customer visits have limited or unreliable cellular service. Which of the following connection types should the technician recommend?

  • A. Satellite
  • B. DSL
  • C. Fiber
  • D. Hotspot

Answer: A

A technician is upgrading a faulty motherboard that was ordered by an end user for an old, high-end desktop computer. However, the technician is unable to install the CPU into the socket. Upon closer inspection, the technician notices the pins on the CPU do not line up with the socket. Which of the following would be the best course of action for the technician to take NEXT?

  • A. Try to set as many pins as possible.
  • B. Install an adaptor to create a universal socket.
  • C. Verify the socket type and manufacturer.
  • D. Find a compatible motherboard for the CPU.

Answer: D

A user connects a smartphone to a laptop. Which of the following types of networks has the user created?

  • A. PAN
  • B. MAN
  • C. WLAN
  • D. LAN

Answer: A

Which of the following describes metered utilization of cloud resources?

  • A. Resources provisioned instantly
  • B. Payments made only for resources that are used
  • C. Resources pooled to increase computing power
  • D. Implementation of rapid elasticity

Answer: B

A technician is upgrading a legacy wireless router for a home user. After installing the new router and configuring the SSID to be the same, none of the devices will connect to the network. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

  • A. HCP pool configuration
  • B. MAC filtering list
  • C. Wireless protocol settings
  • D. ONS servers

Answer: B

A user brings an older laptop to the help desk and reports issues with the keyboard. Upon inspection, the technician does not see any external damage but notices that many keystrokes da not register in a word processor. The laptop works fine when the technician tests it with an external keyboard. Which of the following actions would MOST likely resolve the issue?

  • A. Disable the sticky keys feature.
  • B. Clean the keyboard.
  • C. Reset the BIOS settings to default.
  • D. Charge the laptop.

Answer: C

Which of the following would MOST likely be used to obtain electronic images of a large number of printed documents?

  • A. NFC device
  • B. ADF/flatbed scanner
  • C. Camera/webcam
  • D. QR scanner

Answer: B

A technician is tasked with installing additional RAM in a desktop computer. Which of the following types of RAM is MOST likely to be used?

  • B. DDR3
  • C. ECC
  • D. VRAM

Answer: B

A user reports that printed receipts have black smudges over the entire image. The text is still present but is very dark and sometimes illegible. Which of the following are the MOST likely cause and solution for the printer issue?

  • A. The ribbon is jammed and is rubbing on the pape
  • B. Clear the bad ribbon and feed it through properly.
  • C. The printhead is too ho
  • D. Adjust the temperature down and retry printing.
  • E. The printer is loaded with the wrong type of pape
  • F. Replace the receipt paper with carbon paper.
  • G. The blue ink cartridge was loaded with black in
  • H. Put in the correct ink and clean the printhead.

Answer: C

A user's mobile phone gets really hot to the touch and does not retain a charge. The user also reports that the phone is very slow, especially while charging. Which of the following is MOST likely causing these symptoms?

  • A. Broken charging port
  • B. Digitizer failure
  • C. CPU overheating
  • D. Defective battery

Answer: D

A user reports that a PC occasionally falls to boot. The user reboots the PC. but the performance is degrading. The technician hears a strange, repetitive, ticking noise coming from the PC. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  • A. Try to extract data.
  • B. Reseat the RAM modules.
  • C. Inspect the fan.
  • D. Check the CD tray.

Answer: C

A technician installed a Cat 5 UTP cable approximately 275ft (84m) from a network switch in an office to a workstation located on a factory floor The technician sees both a flashing green LED and a flashing orange LED on the workstation's NIC. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  • A. Check for loose connections, pinched bends, and physical damage.
  • B. Install a powered hub as close as possible to the halfway point in the Cat 5 UTP cable run.
  • C. Replace the entire run of Cat 5 UTP cable with Cat 5 STP cable.
  • D. Upgrade the entire cable run to multimode fiber.

Answer: A

An organization has some computers running macOS and some computers running Windows. The computers running macOS also need to run a piece of software that is only available on Windows.
Which of the following BEST describes the solution for running Windows software on a computer running macOS?

  • A. Operating system spoofing
  • B. Remote software provisioning
  • C. Indirect software implementation
  • D. Cross-platform virtualization

Answer: D

A customer reports that access to the network fileshare has become much slower than usual, but local applications do not seem to have trouble. The technician checks the download bandwidth and finds no issues. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

  • A. Level of network utilization
  • B. Customer use of two-factor authentication
  • C. Amount of local drive space
  • D. RAID array drive health

Answer: A

A user submitted a ticket to report an issue with a new printer that is no longer accepting new print jobs. The technician verifies the printer is on and notices the printer LCD screen has the following error message:
Paper Jam, Jam in fuser.
Which of the following is the MOST efficient next step the technician should complete?

  • A. Apply a maintenance kit to the printer
  • B. Check the printer paper path to locate any obstructions.
  • C. Turn the printer on and off to see if the error clears.
  • D. Replace the fuser.

Answer: B


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