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Actualtests offers free demo for 1Z0-567 exam. "Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials", also known as 1Z0-567 exam, is a Oracle Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Oracle 1Z0-567 exam, will help you answer those questions. The 1Z0-567 Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Oracle 1Z0-567 exams and revised by experts!

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Q1. You are a portfolio manager looking for a new portfolio that you manually created for your own use. You have clicked the Group By drop-down list in Portfolios. 

What option would you select to quickly find your portfolio? 

A. Global Portfolio 

B. Global filtered Portfolio 

C. User Portfolio 

D. User Filtered Portfolio 


Q2. You are a program manager for a group of 10+ projects. You actually have a dedicated node for each program, and your owned projects reside under each node. Each program has its own unique requirements for viewing activity data. 

You do not want to ask for activity codes that would be visible to the entire organization. Which activity coding solution would serve the needs of the project managers in your programs? 

A. Create global activity codes. 

B. Create user activity codes. 

C. Create project activity codes. 

D. Create EPS activity codes. 


Q3. Identify the true statement regarding the EPS page in P6 R8. 

A. You can copy a project on the EPS page and paste it into another EPS node. 

B. You cannot copy projects on the EPS page - this must still be done in the Client. 

C. Any user can now copy projects on the EPS page regardless of the user's Security profile. 

D. Only application administrators have the privilege to copy/paste projects. 

Answer: A

Q4. You are an implementation consultant working at a company where project schedules have been managed primarily with Microsoft Project, on individual desktops. The "projects" theoretically have been multiple-year projects. Your scope of work includes migrating project data from legacy project plans and setting up project planning standards. As you look into the current Microsoft Project plans, it becomes clear that the projects are not really multi-year projects. The plans have been managed by creating "new" projects within the old projects by skipping a few lines in what has become more of a program history. 

What approach would you recommend to retain the legacy data (which is a mandated requirement in the new Primavera system), while moving forward with a "one project, one plan" process? 

A. Import all MS Project plans directly into the P6 production database "as is." 

B. Import MS Project plans but break out current in-flight work into separate projects. 

C. Create new projects only for in flight work identified in MS Project plans. 

D. Retire legacy project plans and start with new project planning standards. 

Answer: B

Q5. Identify one filter enhancement in P6 R8. 

A. Apply multiple filters simultaneously 

B. Create filters with no more than three criteria 

C. Cut, Copy, and paste filters 

D. Assign filters to unique, single activity views 


Q6. You are creating a new portfolio scenario. You are attempting to save it for all users, but the selection is unavailable (grayed out). What is the cause? 

A. You have insufficient global security privileges. 

B. You have Insufficient project security privileges. 

C. You have insufficient portfolio security privileges. 

D. You have insufficient user security privileges. 


Q7. You are an implementation consultant responding to the requirement that a cost account structure be set up in Primavera to be able to receive actual costs incurred by each contributing organization. There is also a cost account structure set up in the customer's financial management system (FMS). 

What would be the easiest long-term recommendation for setup and maintenance of the cost account structure? 

A. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera that mirrors the FMS, and manually manage changes. 

B. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera and a global project code to map to FMS for Integration. 

C. Do not set up the cost account structure, and receive costed actuals only from the FMS. 

D. Set up integration between Primavera and the FMS to maintain all ongoing costing data. 


Q8. Identify the true statement regarding Schedule Checker. 

A. Before running Schedule Checker, you should schedule the project. 

B. Schedule Checker evaluates the WBS structure to demonstrate standards compliance. 

C. Schedule Checker is run from the Portfolios section. 

D. Run Schedule Checker before scheduling the project to fix issues. 

Answer: BCD

Q9. In the GANTT Chart. Identify the significance of the blue and green bars. 

A. Current 

B. Forecast 

C. Planned 

D. Actual 

Answer: A

Q10. You are a project manager addressing risk responses in your Risk Register. As you created your Risk Register, you also created multiple mitigating/response plans for each risk. Identify the functionality that will indicate which response plan is primary. 

A. Response plan marked Active 

B. Response plan with the closest start date 

C. Response plan with lowest cost 

D. Response plan marked highest priority