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Exam Code: 1Z0-567 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q1. You are working with a customer that has had Primavera P6 running in a global instance for four years the customer has asked you to come in and review the instance to identity opportunities for optimizing the system. As you look into the coding libraries, you see much duplication of project codes. You recommend that the customer come to consensus on the duplicate codes and values, and then eliminate the redundant codes. 

What functionality should you utilize to minimize the potential disruption to the user base? 

A. Send out communication that the codes will be eliminated. 

B. Eliminate the codes and manage usage issues by exception. 

C. Document, usage of each code and value in filters and views. 

D. Merge the codes rather than eliminating them. 

Answer: D

Q2. You are an application administrator. You have been asked by your CEO to simplify the user interface for executives like her who are interested in high level summary information. Identify two ways to satisfy this request. 

A. Customize the toolbar in a saved view. 

B. Customize the EPS In a global view. 

C. Customize security In the OBS. 

D. Customize the Details fields in the Activity view. 

E. Customize the menu bars in a saved view. 

Answer: AE

Q3. Identify this icon: 

A. Customize Columns in the View 

B. Customize Tabs in the Details 

C. Customize GANTT Chart Options 

D. Customize and Save View 


Q4. A portfolio scenario is defined as . 

A. a snapshot of project data 

B. a manual group of projects 

C. a graphical view of data 

D. a filtered group of projects 


Q5. When assigning a user to a user-interface view, deselecting the Allow Editing check box restricts the user’s ability to . 

A. edit project data in the view 

B. edit the user Interface view 

C. edit his or her password 

D. edit his or her resource profile 


Q6. You received an e-mail from a portfolio manager asking you to check performance metrics for the past months on each of the projects filtered for that portfolio. 

You cannot locate the portfolio that the email references. 

What is the probable cause? 

A. It is a user portfolio created by the portfolio manager. 

B. It is a user-filtered portfolio that has not been refreshed. 

C. You do not have the appropriate license for the web interface. 

D. You have not been assigned as a resource to the projects. 

Answer: B

Q7. You are a P6 administrator. You have received a change request against a configured global dashboard, involving the addition of a portlet. 

How would you make this change? 

A. Customize the user interface view 

B. Customize the Portfolio view 

C. Customize the dashboard 

D. Customize the layout 


Q8. You are a project manager with a required monthly update cycle. You have marked actual start and actual finish dates for your Physical % complete activities, with % complete calculated from activity steps. You schedule and summarize your project plans. However, your activities are not showing 100% complete. What is the problem? 

A. Your security does not allow you to update Activity Status. 

B. You did not save the changes made to the activities. 

C. You have not completed each of the activity steps. 

D. You must refresh the view in the web to view the changes. 

Answer: B

Q9. What is the significance of the "Summarize project based on detailed activity resource assignments" setting? 

A. Summarized project data will reflect top-down plans. 

B. Summarized project data will reflect bottom-up plans. 

C. Summarized project data will reflect integrated actuals. 

D. Summarized project data will be monetized. 


Q10. Select two true statements regarding calendars. 

A. Global calendars are available to a subset of projects. 

B. Project calendars are available for the current project. 

C. Only a limited number of calendars can be created. 

D. Resource calendars are applied to all resources with the same primary role. 

E. Activity type determines whether the activity uses resource calendars when scheduling. 

F. Activity calendars are managed by individual users/resources. 

Answer: BE