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Q1. You are a program manager for a group of 10+ projects. You actually have a dedicated node for each program, and your owned projects reside under each node. Each program has its own unique requirements for viewing activity data. 

You do not want to ask for activity codes that would be visible to the entire organization. Which activity coding solution would serve the needs of the project managers in your programs? 

A. Create global activity codes. 

B. Create user activity codes. 

C. Create project activity codes. 

D. Create EPS activity codes. 


Q2. You are meeting with a customer and demonstrating the Resource Assignments GANTT view. What data will you be highlighting? 

A. Tabular-formatted data showing codes and attributes 

B. Timescaled resource assignment data 

C. Timescaled project and resource data 

D. Timescaled cost and resource data 

Answer: B

Q3. By default, a role's limit is determined by. 

A. the manually entered value on the Limit tab in the Role Dictionary 

B. the combined limit of all resources assigned to the role 

C. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to the role 

D. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to a project 

Answer: C

Q4. You are a project manager with a required monthly update cycle. You have marked actual start and actual finish dates for your Physical % complete activities, with % complete calculated from activity steps. You schedule and summarize your project plans. However, your activities are not showing 100% complete. What is the problem? 

A. Your security does not allow you to update Activity Status. 

B. You did not save the changes made to the activities. 

C. You have not completed each of the activity steps. 

D. You must refresh the view in the web to view the changes. 

Answer: B

Q5. Identify this window. 

A. Portfolio 

B. Portfolio view 

C. Dashboard 

D. Project statistics 

Answer: B

Q6. You are in a governance organization that has established a project management methodology with work product and document requirements that must be included in every project. You are doing an audit prior to a gate review for a specific project. You are fairly certain that the project manager and project are in compliance with these requirements, but you cannot see the required work products and documents in the project workspace. How can you solve this problem? 

A. Go to Activities and search tor the Work Products and Documents by using an Activity view. 

B. Go to a dashboard and look for the Work Products and Documents in a portlet. 

C. Create a global activity code for required Work Products and Documents to call out activities. 

D. Go to the Project section and click Work Products and Documents to view the portlet. 

Answer: D

Q7. Identify the true statement regarding user security profiles. 

A. Only one project security profile can be assigned to each user. 

B. Only one global security profile can be assigned to each user. 

C. A user's web security profile overrides global or project security profiles. 

D. User security profiles are maintained in the client. 

Answer: B

Q8. You are developing a reporting strategy for a customer who requires monthly reports showing cost variance. The customer has two requirements. 

1.Each report must come from Primavera. 

2.Each month's report must become a "snapshot" for legal traceability purposes. 

Which P6 R8 solution addresses each of the customer's requirements? 

A. Email monthly report to distribution list 

B. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations 

C. Archive printed reports in files under security 

D. Send generated report to content repository 

Answer: D

Q9. Identify the business case that would support the creation of OBS elements to align with WBS elements within individual project plans. 

A. Legal/regulatory requirements that prohibit users from seeing data across functional areas maintaining smaller sets of project data 

B. Mitigate the risk of significantly variant project management skill levels across an organization 

C. Large projects with multiple cross-functional learns that will be responsible for updating/maintaining one set of project data 

D. Supporting data export/import process to minimize risk of degrading schedule quality 

Answer: C

Q10. Identify the true statement regarding Schedule Checker. 

A. Before running Schedule Checker, you should schedule the project. 

B. Schedule Checker evaluates the WBS structure to demonstrate standards compliance. 

C. Schedule Checker is run from the Portfolios section. 

D. Run Schedule Checker before scheduling the project to fix issues. 

Answer: BCD