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Q1. Refer to the Exhibit

What is the meaning of the yellow triangle icon next to Listen Address?

A. This attribute has no value.

B. The server must be runningto change this attribute.

C. The server must be shut down to change this attribute.

D. The server must be restarted for a change to this attribute to take effect.

E. This attribute is read only and cannot be changed in the administration console

Answer: D

Q2. Consider a domain with an existing JDBC data source, which connects to an Oracle database. Your administrator requests that the JDBC connections to this database now specify a different username. Which data source attribute would you modify to implement this requirement?

A. Properties

B. Credentials

C. Initial Capacity

D. Test Table


Answer: E

Q3. Which two statements are true about a WebLogic domain?

A. It is the basic administrative unit of WebLogic Server.

B. It is an optional administrative construct to organize groups of WebLogic

C. Administration Servers are defined within a domain, but Managed Servers

D. Youmust first have a domain to define a WebLogic Server cluster.

E. Every domain has one Administration Server and at least one managed server

Answer: AD

Q4. Which two are typically found in the WEB-INF folder of a Java web application?

A. the web application HTML and JSP files

B. the classes directory containing the compiled classes

C. the web.xml deployment descriptor

D. the weblogicserver.xml deployment descriptor

Answer: BC

Q5. Which three statements are true about WebLogic users and groups?

A. A user is associated with a single security provider.

B. A user can be a member of several groups.

C. A group can contain other groups.

D. A group consists of a name and a password.

E. Agroup is associated with multiple security providers.

F. Both users and groups are assigned a keystore.

Answer: BCE

Q6. Which three statements are true about the Change Center in administration console?

A. The Change Center has alink to view the changes made so far.

B. The Change Center is available only in a Production Mode domain.

C. The Change Center has a link to view any servers that need to be restarted.

D. After activating the changes to a server's configuration, you must always restart that server.

E. In a Development Mode domain, the configuration lock can be acquired automatically.

F. Changes must always be activated before they can be undone.

Answer: ACF

Q7. Indentify two requirements for in-memory session replication.

A. Clusters must contain an even number of members.

B. Web applications must be configured to use replication.

C. Web applications must be deployed as an archive file.

D. Cluster members must be started by using the Node Manager.

E. Web applications must be accessed via a proxy that supports session cookies

Answer: BE

Q8. You run the following WLST script and it completes successfully. Which statement best describes what the script created?

A. A CMO named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

B. A Managed Server named myserver with the listen address and port 7001

C. A Managed Server named myserver with listen address and port 8008

D. An Administration Server named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

Answer: C

Q9. You are deploying a web application called inventory.war. It has been installed and has the Stat* "Prepared." It is targeted to the Managed Server named managed1. The web application's context route is /inventory and the starting page is index.jsp

However, you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory-war, and then select Start and "Servicing only administration requests.

In your web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory/index.jsp. What host and port would you use?

A. managed, host and port

B. Administration Server host and port

C. Managed1 host andAdministration port

D. Administration Server host and Administration port

Answer: D

Q10. You wish to provide failover for HTTP sessions within a cluster. However, you are limited by the following constraints:

1. While under load, your servers have very little free memory.

2. you do not have appropriate access rights to modify your company's database.

Which is the best option, given these restrictions?

A. in-memory replication

B. automatic migration

C. file persistence

D. JDBC persistence

E. replication groups

Answer: C